W Element LS merino jersey

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Cyclists can learn a lot from riding in nature-concepts like self-reliance, overcoming obstacles, and exploring responsibly. We can also learn a lot about how to better equip riders by studying the performance of natural materials like merino wool, a staple ingredient in our latest Element Women’s Long Sleeve Jersey. Back with an updated fit and more breathable merino wool blend, our Element women’s winter bike jersey is designed to provide comfort and-with plenty of easy storage space-convenience, all season long. Where it takes you and what you learn along the way, that’s up to you!


• Breathable merino wool blend
• New and improved fit
• Three large pockets
• Zippered stash pocket
• Reflective elements


60% Polyester 30% Wool 10% Elastane - 71% Polyamide 29% Elastane

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