Odyssey Handle Bar 7.5 L

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Even the most well-planned adventures can encounter the unexpected. Pack what you need for shifting conditions in the weatherproof Odyssey Handlebar Bag.
Consisting of two parts - an easily attachable harness and removable dry bag for storage - our waterproof bikepacking bag carries up to 7.5 liters dryly and securely but can be easily compressed to store smaller loads on shorter trips with the help of an air-release valve. A large reflective logo helps ensure you stand out, not only stylishly, but in low-light riding conditions.
Designed to connect to a variety of handlebar types and sizes, pack fully for big bikepacking trips in any weather with the Odyssey Handlebar Bag.


• 7.5-liter max capacity
• Two-part harness/dry bag system
• Waterproof
• Adjustable capacity
• Large reflective logo
• Fit for any handlebars

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