Klinger sportbril

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Klinger is our fastest style yet, with a lightweight frame constructed in our signature bio-based polyamide and world class lenses from Zeiss it is designed to fly down the trail. The lens has been carefully cut to a minimum to shave off those precious grams while still providing crucial protection from both radiation and objects. With fully adjustable temples, dual nose pads and built with light yet durable components the comfort is simply outstanding and ideal for long mountain missions and beyond. The Zeiss grey base lens is ideal for prolonged use during bright and sunny days. This lens offers visual protection from high reflections, delivers the greates visual comfort and natural perception without any colour distortion.

  • Performance lens from Carl Zeiss with ultimate UV-protection and maximum clarity
  • Bio-based Polyamide frames
  • Rubberized non-slip fully adjustable temples
  • Exchangeable rubber nosepads (2 sizes) for optimized fit
  • Ri-Pel water repellant and anti-scratch lens coatings
  • Extremely impact resistant lens
  • Micro fiber pouch
  • Exchangeable lens system (lenses available @ spektrumsports.com)
  • Made in Italy
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