Blank raw sportbril

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The ever-ongoing quest to make our products even more sustainable was the spark that ignited the RAW concept. We use 90% bio-based materials and apply our plant-based frame material in its raw form without any dye to give an undeniably honest and fundamentally natural appearance, beautifully contrasted by the striking and hi-performing, all-new, bio-based nylon gold lens from Zeiss. The Blankster model offer the highest level of lightweight protection and comfort with an optimized lens shape to halt damaging rays before they reach your retina. Wrapping close to your head, Blankster is made for speed. The bio-based Zeiss grey base contrast lens with a multilayer gold coating is ideal for prolonged use during bright and sunny days. This lens offers visual protection from high reflections, delivers the greates visual comfort and natural perception without any colour distortion.

• Bio-based nylon lens from Carl Zeiss with ultimate UV-protection and maximum clarity
• RAW Bio-based Polyamide frame with no dye or paint to save the planet from unnecessary chemicals
• Soft case in recycled wool made in collaboration with Woolpower keeps your shades comfy in transit • A clear Zeiss bio-based nylon spare lens is included for low light conditions • Rubberized non-slip fully adjustable temples
• Exchangeable rubber nosepads (2 sizes) for optimized fit
• Multi-layer gold mirror Ri-Pel water repellant and anti-scratch lens coatings
• Micro fiber pouch
• Exchangeable lens system (lenses available @
• Made in Italy

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